Joshua Auerbach, David F. Bacon, Perry Cheng, and David Grove

TuningFork is a data visualization and analysis tool that supports the development and continuous monitoring of real-time systems. While TuningFork was originally designed and tested for use with a particular real-time Java Virtual Machine (WebSphere Real Time; a version of the IBM's J9 Virtual Machine with the Metronome Garbage Collector), the architecture has been designed from the ground up for extensibility by leveraging the Eclipse plug-in architecture. This allows different client programs to design custom data formats, new visualization and analysis components, and new export formats. A JVM-independent Java trace generation library is provided that allows an arbitrary Java application to be instrumented to produce TuningFork Traces when executed on any Java 5.0 JVM.

The TuningFork figures allow the visualization of data from time scales of microseconds to minutes, enabling rapid understanding and analysis of system behavior.