The Audio Player view (see example) is an example of an application-specific plugin figure that is created using a data file (wav or aiff audio file) that is not a TuningFork trace file. When this figure is played, the visual update is accompanied by actually playing the audio file.

The figure has 3 sub-panes (waveform, spectrum, and spectrogram) which can be enabled via the Configure button. The waveform shows the actual audio signal amplitude as a function of time. Like the Time Series figure, the data is displayed in a summarized form depending on the current resolution. For audio data, this means that only the amplitude envelope (volume) is discernible when zoomed out though one gains the ability to see a larger fraction of the data. The spectrum display shows the instantaneous (actually, over a small time window) power over various frequency bands. Finally the spectrogram shows the spectral distribution over time by using the same horizontal time axis as the waveform display. Because the vertical axis is used for frequency, the power level is rendered through colors. Intensity decreases as we go through the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

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