Bookmarks provide a way of easily correlating time between figures, which is otherwise very cumbersome. Each Feed Group can have zero or one active set of bookmarks at a time. Any sample stream, time interval stream, or bookmark stream can be used as a source of bookmarks. To select a stream to use as bookmarks, simply right click on the stream in the Feed Group Explorer and chose "Use as Bookmarks."

In general, highly frequent events make bad bookmarks since they clutter the figures. Choose a stream of events that happen at natural phase boundaries or unusual circumstances.

Once a bookmark stream is selected, all the bookmark events in the time window visible in a figure will be shown with a marker. The current bookmark () is solid black, the others are white. Bookmarks are numbered consistently across all figures.

There are two ways to use bookmarks: if you click on a bookmark in one figure, all of the other playable figures will jump to the same bookmark and highlight it. Or, you can use the skip forward "" or reverse buttons to move back and forth between bookmarks. For instance, if you select the "GC Phase" stream as your bookmarks, you can skip from one garbage collection to the next.