The feedlet chunks define the list of feedlets that are to be expected in the feed. It is a multiple-instance chunk that can express the creation, destruction, and description of feedlets dynamically. Event chunks for a feedlet must follow its corresponding feedlet creation chunk. After a feedlet is removed, there must be no more event chunks for that feedlet.

Table 6 shows the format of a Feedlet chunk body. Note that the format for entry/removal entries is different. An example of each is shown; additions and removals may appear in any order in the chunk. There can be multiple (not necessarily contiguous) descriptions entries for one feedlet.

Table 1: Feedlet Chunk Body
0countintNumber of feedlet addition, removals, or descriptions
4operationint1 (addition)
feedletIdintThe number the feedlet is identified by
operationint2 (removal)
feedletIdintThe number of the feedlet to be removed.
operationint3 (description)
feedletIdintThe number of the feedlet to be described.
keyString1The key of the feedlet description.
valueString1The value of the feedlet description.
... (a total of count feedlet additions/removals/descriptions)