The Event chunk type represents the most important chunks in the feed. It is a multiple-instance online chunk type. It contains a subsequence of events from a specific feedlet. The Event chunk contains the feedlet id of the feedlet the events belong to. It also contains a sequence number. This feedlet-local sequence number is incremented whenever the server generates a new Event chunk for that feedlet. The TuningFork uses this number to detect dropped event chunks. Event chunks may be dropped by the server if writing chunks out to the network takes longer than generating new chunks. This ability to drop chunks is crucial for servers that have real-time characteristics, where a problem in the network (or the TuningFork) must not block the operation of the feedlet's source.

Table 1: Event Chunk Body
0feedletIdintThe id of the feedlet these events belong to
4sequenceNumberintThe sequenceNumber of this chunk within the feedlet